Opening tip: Ranking the Knicks

The Knicks officially open the regular season exactly one week from today.

Without a doubt, predictions on the Knicks' season will pour in over the week.

TNT's Steve Kerr likes the Andrea Bargnani move by the Knicks this offseason, but he has the Knicks as the fifth-best squad in the East -- a popular prediction by many thus far.

"I like the Bargnani move more than most people," Kerr said in a conference call on Tuesday. "This could be a good spot for him. He’s very capable of being a good weapon offensively for the Knicks. They’re a significant step below the four teams ahead of them: Miami, Chicago, Indiana and Brooklyn."

Kerr says the Knicks will miss a certain retired point guard, who now calls the shots for Brooklyn.

"They’re going to miss Jason Kidd, the leadership and the ball movement," Kerr explained. "I’ve watched them a few times in preseason and the ball really sticks in New York. I want to see that ball start to move so they can still get those open three-point looks. That’s going to be the challenge offensively for Mike Woodson. I like their team. I think they’re a playoff team, but I don’t think they’re an elite team in the East.”

Kerr has a point with the ball movement. Kidd had the ability to get the Knicks easier baskets, which certainly alleviates some of the scoring pressures from Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith. Anthony and Smith are still going to get their points. But the Knicks will have to replace some basketball IQ in Kidd -- something several veterans like Tyson Chandler have admitted.

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So, what do you think of experts picking the Nets over the Knicks and pegging the Knicks as the fifth-best in the East?