Knicks may be the last resort for Melo

While Carmelo Anthony may prefer the Knicks as a trade destination, the Nuggets have been reluctant to negotiate with them because of their unwillingness to give up Danilo Gallinari and Anthony Randolph (the Nuggets also realize Toney Douglas and Wilson Chandler may not be available). But now there may be another reason why the Nuggets see the Knicks at the far end of the table. They believe New York may have done some "back-channel recruiting" of Anthony this past summer (ESPN.com), but Donnie Walsh is still determined to leave no stone unturned regarding Anthony's availability (CBSSports.com). Whatever the situation, the Nuggets are probably getting desperate. While Anthony told reporters at the team's media day yesterday that he never said he wanted to be traded, either Anthony has told the team privately he wants out now or he's given them assurances that he will test the free agent market next summer. He did tell George Lopez during a recent appearance on his show that if he were a free agent now, "That would be a different story" (The Huffington Post). If that's the case, the Nuggets don't want to be the Cavaliers of this summer and just see their superstar bounce like LeBron James did. They want to get something in return. The latest is that the the Nuggets have reached out to the Warriors to inquire about Stephen Curry and the Sixers could offer a packaged deal featuring rookie Evan Turner, the expiring contracts of Thaddeus Young and Jason Kapono, as well as future draft considerations (ESPN.com).

Knicks notes:

  • When Mike D'Antoni addressed the media after practice yesterday, he offered a preview of two duos he'll play together this season: 1) Raymond Felton and Toney Douglas ("They are two guys who are extremely quick and both of them are tenacious on defense. That's something you'll see during the season. I don't know a lot, but some."); and 2) Amare Stoudemire and Anthony Randolph ("I think [Anthony's] natural is to be a four-ish and Amare will be over at the five. They can play together. But I would have [Anthony] out there if he improves his shot.")

  • Stoudemire's leadership from day one of training camp has already rubbed off. Yesterday, rookie Landry Fields copied Stoudemire and spent time after practice working on his jumpshot. And while Fields was doing that, assistant coach Herb Williams was teaching Russian rookie Timofey Mozgov an old American pastime: how to throw a football.

  • Everyone's been talking about how Felton is the perfect point guard for D'Antoni's run-and-gun system. But Felton wants people to know he has another point to make: I can play defense (New York Post).

  • Talk about a turnaround. After everyone, from Walsh to Ronny Turiaf, expressed optimism over Eddy Curry, he's already crippled just two days after the start of training camp. Curry has a strained right hamstring and will miss four to six weeks (The New York Times). By the way, just to note: He reported to camp at 325 pounds, a 20-pound increase since April (Hoopsnotes.com).

  • You'll never believe who made an appearance at the Knicks training facility over the weekend. Probably the last person you'll ever think of: Reggie Miller. He even said, "I can't believe I'm actually here. I'm waiting for Anthony Mason to come up behind me with a club or something" (FanNation.com). Miller was there representing NBA TV, which will be airing the Knicks practice live tonight at 5 p.m. EST.

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