Execs: Me-first Melo lacks winning attitude

Carmelo Anthony needs to look himself in the mirror, some team execs say. Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

ESPN's Chris Broussard spoke with several league executives about Carmelo Anthony, asking them about Anthony's strengths and weaknesses and if they thought he had enough drive to win a title on his own (Insider link).

The execs didn't paint an optimistic picture. One compared him to, gulp, Stephon Marbury. Another had this to say:

"He's probably Robin on a championship team instead of Batman. He has Batman talent, but the intangibles are missing."

That's not good news for the Knicks, who have based their whole organizational plan on the idea that Anthony can lead them to a championship.

MY TAKE: I agree wholeheartedly with most of what the execs in Broussard's story say. In order to win, Anthony needs the perfect storm of role players around him. A veteran point guard with enough cachet to tell him what to do would be a good start. Anthony also needs, as one executive put it, "four Tyson Chandlers" around him. That means four guys on the floor willing to sacrifice their individual stats to complement Anthony's scoring prowess.

Ideally, Anthony's supporting cast would include a bruising rebounder at center, a small forward who can shoot from distance, rebound and defend and a catch-and-shoot shooting guard.

The key, though, is to get all these players to acquiesce their individual goals for the greater good of Anthony, which would ultimately result in team success.

One thing I take issue with in Broussard's piece? The executive who questions Anthony's desire to win. Call me naive if you want, but having been around Anthony for the past three seasons, I think that he has the desire to win. But I can see how those who view him from afar would question it. He doesn't make a demonstrative show of it when he's on the court, a la Kevin Garnett or Kobe Bryant. He would rather be, well, Melo about it, so to speak.

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