Referee: We got the call right

Most Knicks fans were probably screaming at the television after Carmelo Anthony's apparent game-tying 3-pointer was waived off by referee Scott Foster with five seconds to play on Thursday.

But Foster says his crew got the call right.

"It was a tough call but last year we put a new rule in for these situations and how we go about them. The initial contact was before he started to turn, while his back is to the basket, and then he flings it up," Foster said in an interview with a pool reporter. "The initial contact is way before what probably everybody else thinks. It’s a push, a slap and then another slap but we’ve already called the foul on the initial contact. Now he turns and throws it up. It’s not able to be scored that way."

Foster added that the Rockets informed him that they were going to foul before the play. So the refs were going to call the first contact they saw.

Mike Woodson wondered why the call wasn't reviewed, but Foster says the call is not reviewable.

"There’s nothing in the rule book -- and there’s 14 triggers -- that allows us to review that for continuation. The only thing we can review is whether it’s a 2 or a 3 if we’d allowed it to be a made basket," Foster said.

Anthony was fouled at least twice by Harden, and Foster says the refs called the initial foul. Anthony then threw up a 3-pointer that appeared to tie the game at 107 with five seconds to play. But Foster waived the shot off. Anthony hit two free throws to cut the lead to one, but the Knicks could get no closer.

"My thoughts don’t mean anything at this point in time. It really doesn’t matter right now for me to say whether I thought it was a good call or not," Anthony said.

Added Raymond Felton: "I thought it was an and-1. I thought we were going to go up by one. And I thought we were going to win the ball game. It didn't go that way."

Instead, the Knicks (3-5) walked off the floor with their fourth home loss. Last season, they their fourth home loss came on Jan. 7.

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