Opening Tip: What to do with STAT?

Amar'e Stoudemire wants to play more minutes so he can find his rhythm.

Mike Woodson wants Stoudemire to be more productive during his limited playing time. So far, his minutes-restriction experiment isn't working well. Stoudemire is coming off playing a season-high 14 minutes on Saturday, when he scored five points and grabbed two rebounds against the Hawks. But the Knicks often seem out of sync when Stoudemire is in the game.

Woodson tried playing Stoudemire and Kenyon Martin together for a bit against Atlanta.

"I tried Amar'e and Kenyon together and we didn't get a lot out of it," Woodson said. "I thought it was a little better in the third and I brought them back in the early part of the fourth quarter. But Amar'e (showed) some signs there early in the fourth. Again, I'm still trying to rotate and that's no excuse."

Stoudemire has been frustrated trying to play with limited minutes. He would like to play more minutes but still wants keep an eye on his health. Stoudemire feels the limited minutes make it "look like my game is gone."

"There's a lot of pressure to go out there in five minutes and be great, which is almost impossible to do," Stoudemire said. "Because a mistake seems like 30 mistakes, know what I mean? But I do think the Tim Duncan method with him playing 25 one night, 20-25 a game later and then resting on the four in five nights or three in four nights is pretty logical."

It doesn't seem as if Woodson is ready to play Stoudemire 20 minutes yet. He was asked if he has considered shutting down Stoudemire for a bit to let the power forward rehab and come back stronger instead of playing him a handful of minutes here and there.

"No, I haven’t thought about that," Woodson said. "I think the days we are practicing, our slow days, we’re going to still try to get him to do something on the floor. We’ve kind of been staying away from the pounding to try to save him for the few minutes that he plays. That’s not working. So I think we’ve got to get him more reps on the floor, just see how he feels."

Stay tuned to see what's next for STAT.

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