NBA to avoid future Knicks jersey confusion

Several New York Knicks fans had trouble watching last Saturday's game, and it wasn't all because of the Knicks' 20-point loss to the Atlanta Hawks.

The Knicks and Hawks wore jerseys with colors that were difficult to differentiate on television. The Knicks wore their alternate orange uniforms while the Hawks had on red uniforms.

The NBA, though, said it will try to make sure something similar won't happen again, as the New York Times first reported.

"Neither team was at fault," Tim Frank, the NBA's vice president of basketball communications, said in an email. "The Knicks' orange has been designated as a light alternate home uniform. Going forward, we'll ensure that the opponent wears a more distinguishing color uniform when the Knicks wear orange."

Carmelo Anthony was asked about the uniforms and if he thought it was as odd as it appeared during the Knicks' 110-90 loss.

"Nah," Anthony said. "People nitpicking now. That ain’t got [anything] to do with why we are losing."