Woody: Knicks' effort 'not good enough'

Mike Woodson is tired of addressing the Knicks' lack of effort this season. Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

GREENBURGH, N.Y. -- He can live with mental mistakes or maybe a missed defensive assignment here or there. But coach Mike Woodson is growing tired of seeing his Knicks give less than 100 percent effort.

"Not good enough. Not good enough," Woodson said Monday in describing the Knicks' effort in recent games.

"And everybody’s got to be held accountable. The effort is not where it should be, because if it was we would be in a better position."

Instead, the Knicks are in an awful position. They have lost five straight home games for the first time in nearly four years and are 3-6 entering Tuesday's game against Detroit.

That's certainly not the start owner James Dolan envisioned when he told staffers before the season that he expected the Knicks to win a championship.

"We’ve got to all give better effort," Woodson said after Monday's practice. "From a coaching standpoint, from a players standpoint, we’ve got to give more effort.

"I’m not here to teach effort, and I think our players understand that I’m a little irritated by that because that’s something in the past that we haven’t had," Woodson said. "Everybody can give effort. Every night that you step out on the floor, practice floor, you’ve got to be able to give effort, and I’ve got to see that. And right now, I’m not seeing it."

Poor effort has been a common theme after several recent Knicks losses. The most glaring examples were New York's 31-point loss to San Antonio on Nov. 10 and a 20-point loss to the Atlanta Hawks on Saturday. That's one reason why Woodson is considering a lineup change.

In both recent losses, fans at the Garden started "Fire Woodson" chants with the Knicks down double digits in the second half. But J.R. Smith says those calling for Woodson's job are misguided.

"He can't play. I don't know why they would put blame on him," Smith said.

Still, Smith acknowledged that the Knicks' effort level has waned in recent games. That's a pretty damning indictment for a team nine games into an 82-game season.

Tyson Chandler has been watching from afar while rehabbing his fractured right fibula. And he doesn't like what he's hearing from the locker room.

"[Questioning effort] should be the last thing that should ever be said. That kind of hurts," Chandler said.

Chandler believes professional athletes should give full effort every time they take their respective playing surface.

"This is our job. This is something that we've done our entire lives. I would give 100 percent if I wasn't getting paid. I think that's just the competitive edge," he said.

Anthony agrees. The Knicks star is still frustrated over the Knicks' lackluster showing against Atlanta.

"It’s just something we got to change. You can’t teach effort," Anthony said. "Coach Woodson can’t draw up effort. You got to have it within yourself. It’s a will to want to do it, and we have to want to do it."

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