Woodson: Crawford called it right

A little more than 12 hours later, Mike Woodson's mind hadn't changed. He still thought referee Joey Crawford made the right call when Crawford whistled Iman Shumpert for a costly shooting foul late in Wednesday's game.

"His hand was right on the elbow, he nicked him a little bit. Hey, maybe some officials might let that go, but Joey elected to call it," Woodson said Thursday in an interview with ESPN New York 98.7 FM's "The Stephen A. Smith and Ryan Ruocco Show."

Shumpert hit Paul George on the elbow as George was shooting a 3-pointer with five seconds to play in regulation and the Knicks up three. George knocked down all three free throws, then had nine points in overtime to lift Indy to a win.

Woodson talked to Shumpert about the play on Thursday. He didn't want to "browbeat" him though. Instead, he wanted to remind the third-year guard of the correct way to handle the situation.

"He's a young player. You like to think he'll learn from this one," Woodson said. "If he's in that situation again, you like to think he'll do the right thing."

Woodson said he asked his team in the huddle to try to foul before the shot.

"Iman didn't take the foul. He thought if he got too close, then maybe [George] would have pulled the trigger and maybe foul him in the act of shooting, which he ended up doing anyway," Woodson said. "He thought the shot was so far back that he would just challenge the shot, but he ended up nicking George's elbow and Joey made the call. So it kind of went against him."

Amar'e minutes might increase: The Knicks have a new approach with Amar'e Stoudemire that might lead to an increase in minutes.

Stoudemire will participate in an intense practice the day before a game to prepare his body for the next day's game, Woodson said.

"[Friday] he'll have a tough practice, and then he'll play on Saturday. And if I can grow his minutes, get him to about 20 minutes and see how the knees feel, then we'll take the next step," Woodson said.

JR: Don't blow it up: J.R. Smith hears the trade rumors surrounding his teammates. He also hears people talking about his head coach. And he doesn't like it.

"I don't want to see that happen [changes made to] coaches or players. I love playing with my teammates, and for people to blow this thing up, that just tells you about how [badly] we're playing," Smith said. "Once those talks are talked about and being made, you've got to take yourself in the mirror and look at yourself and see if you're doing everything you can do."

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