Opening Tip: Scrap STAT's minutes limit?

NBA Hall of Famer Hakeem Olajuwon taught Amar'e Stoudemire some of his post moves in the summer 2012. Now, he'd like to see the Knicks give Stoudemire a chance to use them.

Olajuwon thinks the team's minutes limit on Stoudemire makes it difficult for him to get into a rhythm on the court.

"In five, ten minutes, it's tough," Olajuwon told ESPN New York by phone. "You're worried about making a mistake, trying to do too much."

As long as Stoudemire's knees are healthy, he should be playing more minutes than 10-15 per night, Olajuwon said.

"It has to be tough for him. If he's feeling good, why not let him play?" he said.

Stoudemire feels the same way.

Last week, he talked about how tough it was to succeed while playing 10-15 minutes per game.

"It's making me look like my game is gone or that I don't have game anymore because when you play five minutes, it's just tough to really get in a rhythm," said Stoudemire, who spent two weeks learning post moves from Olajuwon at his camp in Houston two summers ago.

Of course, the Knicks are trying to ensure that Stoudemire remains healthy. That's why they have him on a minutes limit. After all, the 31-year-old has had three knee procedures in a ten-month span.

But the minutes limit has taken a toll on Stoudemire.

He's shooting just 39 percent from the field and is scoring just 3.8 points per game in seven games.

And that leads us to our question: Should the Knicks listen to Hakeem and scrap Stoudemire's minutes limit?

Hakeem's Dream: Olajuwon is working with the NBA and Exxon Mobil initiative to contribute to Nigeria through sports. He says he's using basketball as a conduit to teach Nigerian children life and leadership skills.

"You can learn so much from the game," he said. "I just wanted to give back."

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Question: Should the Knicks listen to Hakeem and scrap Stoudemire's minutes limit?

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