For Anthony, it's me, myself and Melo

The 'Bockers can count on one thing: Carmelo Anthony will do what's best for Carmelo Anthony. Al Bello/Getty Images

NEW YORK -- In the middle of a letdown start to the season with a guaranteed dose of uncertainty to follow, there is one thing the New York Knicks can count on.

Carmelo Anthony is going to do what is best for Carmelo Anthony.

Not the team he's on, not the team he's planning to be on, but himself. He isn't the first player (and won't be the last) to look out for No. 1, but it's a clear principle to constantly keep in mind when examining Anthony's future.

This week, Anthony had to deny reports that he'd already decided he was going to leave the Knicks in free agency next summer. He said he's not even thinking about next summer right now.

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