Opening Tip: Time for Woodson to go?

NEW YORK -- There's a school of thought out there that Mike Woodson deserves the chance to coach the Knicks once the team is whole. Some believe Woodson should be able to coach the team once Tyson Chandler returns to full health and the point guard situation is sorted out.

What happened Monday may change all of that.

Woodson made a ghastly mistake in failing to call a timeout after the Wizards took a one-point lead on a Bradley Beal layup with 6.9 seconds left in the fourth quarter. Instead of calling a timeout to set up a play (New York had three remaining), the Knicks immediately inbounded the ball and Carmelo Anthony ended up taking an off-balance three. The shot fell short, and the Knicks (7-17) walked off the floor with another home loss.

The late-game sequence will no doubt lead some to call for Woodson's job this morning.

For what it's worth, Woodson made an impassioned defense of his performance last week, saying he felt that he could win with any team but hinted that he wanted a chance to coach this Knicks team when it is whole.

New York won't be whole for some time though, as Raymond Felton (hamstring) and Pablo Prigioni (toe) are sidelined by injuries.

A league source with knowledge of the Knicks' thinking said last week that Woodson is being evaluated on a "game-by-game" basis by upper management. One reason management has been hesitant to make a change, the source said, was because they weren't interested in having an interim coach this early in the season, and there is no obvious full-time replacement for Woodson at this point.

Does Monday's loss change that line of thinking?

Carmelo Anthony doesn't think it should. The Knicks star said on Monday that he believes Woodson's job is "secure."

So there are many factors at play, including the always unpredictable nature of Knicks owner James Dolan.

All of that leads us to our question on Tuesday morning: Do you think Mike Woodson deserves a chance to continue to coach the Knicks? Or should he be replaced by someone new?

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Carmelo Anthony thinks Woodson's job is secure.

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What's next: The Knicks will practice on Tuesday to prepare for Wednesday's game against Milwaukee.

Question: Do you think Mike Woodson deserves a chance to continue to coach the Knicks? Or should he be replaced by someone new?

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