Opening tip: Amar'e drama for Woody?

Mike Woodson spent Monday night and Tuesday afternoon explaining to reporters about how he and the Knicks screwed up the final seconds of the Wizards loss.

And now Woodson might have a little more explaining to do on Wednesday when he meets with reporters before the Knicks face Milwaukee. The latest on Woody's plate is what appears to be a difference in opinion or perhaps a case of miscommunication over why Amar'e Stoudemire is not playing against the Bucks and what his status is for the next several games.

Woodson mentioned yesterday that Stoudemire is going to be out "a while" while answering a question about what Tyson Chandler would bring if he potentially returns tonight. He then added Stoudemire had swelling in his knee.

Amar'e took to Twitter later on Tuesday afternoon, disputing Woodson's injury report on Stoudemire.

Stoudemire tweeted:

Look, it's quite possible that Woodson overstated how long Stoudemire will be out and didn't mean to set off another Knicks alarm. Perhaps "a while" isn't as long as that really sounds. Who knows? We'll give Woody the benefit of the doubt for right now.

But Stoudemire's tweet certainly gives us the impression that he wasn't amused by the perception given that he suffered a setback with his knee or knees and that he will be out indefinitely. Stoudemire contends he is not playing against Milwaukee because he played in five games last week and six in nine days overall. That makes perfect sense.

However, it is believable that Amar'e could have suffered a setback after playing his most minutes of the season in three consecutive games last week while playing in two back-to-back sets over five nights. He played 27 minutes against Cleveland last Tuesday and followed that with 30 minutes against Chicago the next night. Two days later, Stoudemire played 30 minutes again against Boston before logging 19 minutes against Atlanta the next night.

It appears Woodson might have to clear things up with Stoudemire and then explain why there seems to be a difference of opinions between the two to the media.

While that doesn't sound like much if this is all a miscommunication issue, it's still one more thing on Woodson's plate to deal with. And considering the Knicks are a disappointing 7-17, they're coming off a late-game timeout debacle and are dealing with numerous injuries, Woodson doesn't need anymore drama than he already has.

And he certainly has plenty to deal with at the moment. A win over Milwaukee will help smooth some things over for the time being. A potential loss and things could only get stickier and messier.

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If Tyson wakes up without any unforeseen setback, the Knicks could have their starting center back tonight and they'll need him considering how many injuries they are dealing with.

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What's next: The Knicks play the Bucks (5-19). Milwaukee has lost 17 of its last 20 games. In other words, the Knicks might want to win this game no matter how shorthanded they are.

Question of the day: What's your take on the Amar'e-Woody drama? Is this just another sign of Woody having too much drama to deal with?