End of the orange jerseys?

Have the Knicks dumped their orange jerseys?

New York had worn its orange alternate uniforms for its first five weekend home games this season -- and the results were awful.

The Knicks went 0-5 in the orange unis during weekend games and 0-6 overall in them. But they have opted against wearing them in their past two weekend home games, including Saturday against Memphis.

They're supposed to wear an orange uniform with short sleeves against Oklahoma City on Christmas Day. But their future plans for the traditional orange uniform are unclear.

Surely, some fans wouldn't mind if they got rid of them.

The Knicks wore orange in their 41-point drubbing against the Celtics and a 30-point loss to San Antonio.

In their previous weekend home game, the Knicks wore white to appease the NBA.

Here's why: the previous time the Knicks played the Hawks at the Garden, the combination of Knicks’ orange and Atlanta’s red road uniforms made it difficult for viewers to differentiate between the two teams on television.

The NBA said after the game that the color mixup wouldn’t happen in the future. So the Knicks wore white in the Dec. 14 tilt. But that wasn't at issue on Saturday against Memphis, which wears blue.

Technically, New York doesn’t have to wear the orange jerseys again this season. Under NBA guidelines, a team must wear their alternate jerseys six times during the season. The Knicks have already fulfilled that obligation.

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