Opening Tip: Is Woody's voice still heard?

Is Mike Woodson's message getting through to Melo and the 9-21 Knicks? Elsa/Getty Images

The Knicks are 9-21. So it's only natural to wonder if head coach Mike Woodson's message is still getting through to the players.

Well, is it, Carmelo?

"Yeah," Anthony says. "Coach Woodson is a strong person, a strong-willed person. His message is definitely getting through to people, especially through to me and guys who’ve been here and understand the situation, guys who not so much have been through a situation like this, but have had tough times throughout their career."

Woodson's job security has been a daily topic around the Knicks in recent weeks.

Owner James Dolan quelled the speculation late last week when he told the team prior to Thursday's practice that there would be no trades or coaching changes coming. If the Knicks lose all three games in their upcoming trip to Texas, could Dolan change his stance? Of course.

But Dolan told the New York Post that he believes it's important that a coach has the respect of the locker room. So that's one factor to keep in mind when you're trying to forecast Woodson's future. And according to Anthony, The Goatee still has the respect of his players.

"It’s so easy to just fold in this moment right now," Anthony said. "[But Woodson's] message is very clear throughout this locker room."

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Anthony hopes to return on Thursday against San Antonio but he says his ankle may be less than 100 percent healthy when he takes the court.

Anthony cites a lack of consistent effort as one reason the Knicks are 9-21.

We ask you if you think it's time for Woodson to consider a lineup change to spark the team here.

What's next: The Knicks will practice on Tuesday to prepare for Thursday's game against the Spurs.

Question: Do you agree with Carmelo on this? Is Mike Woodson's voice still being heard in the Knicks' locker room?

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