Melo: Don't bet against Denver, Peyton

GREENBURGH, N.Y. -- Someone asked Carmelo Anthony on Monday to put on his NFL analyst hat and predict the Super Bowl.

“I don’t know, it’ll be a good one. It’ll be a good one. Denver is a special team. If I was a betting man, I wouldn’t bet against Peyton [Manning],” said Anthony, who spent the first 7 1/2 years of his career in Denver as a Nugget. “But on the flip side, you got Seattle, and them young guys got something to prove. So I just want to see a good game.”

If the Knicks’ schedule allowed, Anthony would love to attend the game. But the Knicks will be flying to Milwaukee on Sunday. They play the Bucks Monday on the road.

“I wish we can go to the Super Bowl. Rarely do we get a chance to participate in the Super Bowl and the events and stuff that’s going on around here,” Anthony said. “I would’ve went to the [Rangers-Devils] hockey game [at Yankee Stadium] yesterday if we didn’t play.”

Anthony won’t attend Wednesday’s Rangers-Islanders game at Yankee Stadium, though.

“I heard it’s gonna be like 6 [degrees], so I’m not messing with that,” he said with a laugh.

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