Tyson credits team meetings for streak

The Knicks are winning again.

They got back to doing the small things and are having fun.

The Knicks have won three straight and Tyson Chandler credits a couple of team meetings, where players huddled over what was going wrong after losing five straight.

“I think we’re really locking in and playing for one another out there,” Chandler said after the Knicks routed the Celtics, 114-88, on Tuesday. “And being happy and finally enjoying the game.

“I think when you start losing a couple games it seems like you get down and have a cloud over the locker room and individuals as well,” Chandler said. “We just had to have a couple meetings and just get together and realize that we love this game and get back to the basics and to the fun part of it.”

It doesn’t hurt that the Knicks played the Hornets (19-27), Lakers (16-30) and Celtics (15-32) in their past three wins. The winning streak has put the Knicks a half game out of eighth place.

The Knicks (18-27) can extend their streak against the Cavs (16-29) on Thursday.