Opening tip: What to do with Melo

In just over two weeks from now, the NBA trading deadline will be upon us.

Much can happen and change in the next two weeks. The Knicks could go on another winning streak. Or, they could stumble into another losing streak and further cloud Carmelo Anthony's future.

Over the next few weeks, we will take the temperature of Melo’s future and what people think the Knicks should or shouldn’t do.

Nobody knows right now what Melo will do once he opts out as a free agent in July. So much can happen between now and then. The odds, though, are in favor of him staying a Knick.

In the meantime, Michael Wilbon makes an argument for why the Chicago Bulls should chase Melo. And for many of the same reasons, I argue why the Knicks shouldn’t let Melo get away.

Check them out and then let us know how you feel with our question of the day.

Up now: Amar’e wants to play more, and he says the only limitation on his minutes is the one set by Mike Woodson.

Woody says the Knicks almost have to play “perfect” in order to win now.

You guys may be unhappy with Raymond Felton and the point guard's play. But Woody says don’t point the finger at Felton.

Begs wonders if it’s time to start singing Beyonce’s “Upgrade U” to the point guards.

What’s next: Knicks try to stop a two-game slide against Portland at the Garden. Tipoff is set for 8 p.m.

Question of the day: Let’s say Melo wants to remain a Knick. Do you think the Knicks should keep or trade Melo and why?