Woody: No talk of sitting Raymond Felton

Mike Woodson expressed his total support for Raymond Felton on Wednesday.

The Knicks coach said there was never any discussion by the team about potentially sitting Felton due to the point guard's legal problems.

"Not at all," Woodson said. "I haven’t read the paper today to know what’s actually been said, but that was never an issue in terms of Ray coming back. We were just trying to get him back with the team and around people that love him and try to get him back on track and get him ready to play him tomorrow."

Felton practiced with the team before flying to Miami, where the Knicks face the Heat on Thursday.

Woodson was asked if his team has ever been informed about things such as the New York gun law prior to Felton's situation.

"Yeah, we have in-house security," Woodson said. "That’s always been addressed. Again, I don’t know the exact laws. I’m not a lawyer by any means. Trying to be a coach. So it is addressed. In that regard, our players have some idea what’s going on, I guess."

What do you guys think? Should the Knicks have given Felton some time off? Should Felton have thought about taking some time off or return and play right away like he will do? Let us know.