Opening Tip: Can Phil add West Coast Zen?

The Knicks are in Los Angeles looking to keep their playoff pulse beating.

They need to start a winning streak again. They have to play their best basketball and likely will need some luck on this five-game road trip.

And they probably can use some Zen as well.

Phil Jackson could join the Knicks in Los Angeles today and watch his team play against the Lakers tonight. When Jackson was introduced as team president a week ago, he watched New York at the Garden on Wednesday against Indiana. And the Knicks played like they had something to prove to Jackson, beating the Pacers 92-86.

Jackson addressed the team prior to that game, and his arrival created a buzz around the team that the Knicks fed off.

Perhaps Jackson's presence -– if he joins the team -- can provide the Knicks with some added inspiration. They shouldn’t need it considering what’s at stake, but Sunday’s flat loss to the Cavs clearly shows they can use any boost they can get.

Maybe he can give the Knicks a little pep talk before they face the Lakers.

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The Knicks’ playoff hopes are faint, but they can still make it with Atlanta’s help.

Is it fair to blame Mike Woodson for the loss to the Cavs?

What’s next: The Knicks play against the Lakers in L.A. at 10:30 p.m. ET.

Question of the day: Do you want to see Phil Jackson join the team in Los Angeles and travel with the Knicks on this West Coast trip? Why or why not?