Is tanking worth it?

PHILADELPHIA -- While the New York Knicks have lost in just about every manner imaginable this season, the Philadelphia 76ers nearly took the art of losing to a historic level.

On Saturday, the Sixers managed to avoid going down in infamy by destroying the Detroit Pistons 123-98 to snap a 26-game losing streak.

By winning for the first time since Jan. 29, the Sixers avoided setting the record for most consecutive losses in the history of any of the four major North American sports.

Philadelphia (16-57) could end up with 60 or more losses this season as it tries to earn as many pingpong balls as it can for the upcoming draft lottery and a potential shot at a blue-chip prospect like Kansas’ Andrew Wiggins, Duke’s Jabari Parker or Kentucky’s Julius Randle -- provided they all enter the draft.

And surprisingly, some Philly fans -- who for better or worse have a reputation for being some of the most unforgiving fans in sports -- seem to be down with the tanking strategy.

“I do [buy into the rebuilding plan],” said Jared Kachline, who has had Sixers season tickets for the past five seasons and sat courtside Saturday night. “We are obviously not going to win a championship with the team that we have right now, so sometimes you have to take a step back to take a big step forward.”

“I feel like we are building something,” he added of why he is willing to endure this losing. “I think the ownership is really trying to look toward three to five years ahead and build a better product for the city.”

Which leads me to ask Knicks fans this: Do you think Phil Jackson should blow it all up and start from scratch? Or should the Zen Master re-sign Carmelo Anthony and do what he can next season before trying to lure some free agents in 2015?

Do you have the patience to endure what the Sixers and their fans are going through this season in the name of rebuilding? The Sixers are saying this will be a three- to five-year process.

Or would you rather have the Knicks try to contend every season, even if it means going through something like this season with New York struggling to chase down the eighth spot? Let us know.