The Take 'Em or Trash 'Em results are in!

Knicks fans are an opinionated bunch. And they don’t always agree on everything.

But the fans who voted on ESPNNewYork’s Take ‘Em/Trash ‘Em poll were nearly unanimous when it came to one thing: almost everyone wanted Mike Woodson fired.

Eight-five percent of the 9,688 readers who voted in the poll wanted to see Woodson fired. And they got their wish on Monday morning, when president Phil Jackson decided to fire Woodson and his coaching staff.

Jackson, by the way, is pretty popular among those who voted: 96 percent of the 9,415 voters want Jackson back next year.

Here are three other results that caught our eye:

Iman Shumpert: For much of the season, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that Shumpert wouldn’t be in a Knicks uniform in 2014-15. But Jackson’s arrival may have changed all that. Sources with knowledge of Jackson’s thinking say he is intrigued by Shumpert. Shumpert’s play late in the season was a key aspect of the Knicks’ run to relevancy in the Eastern Conference. This seems to have rubbed off on some readers; 87 percent of the 11,744 who voted in the Take Em/Trash Em poll want Shumpert back.

Tyson Chandler: There was a vocal contingent of Knicks fans unhappy with Tyson Chandler’s play throughout the season. But, based on our poll, Chandler remains fairly popular among fans. Sixty-six percent of the 11,772 fans who voted for Chandler want to see him stay next season. Chandler’s contract expires after the 2014-15 season, so Jackson may look to move him around the 2015 trade deadline.

Amar’e Stoudemire: Stoudemire’s strong play late in the season seems to have inspired some in the fan base. At least, those of you who voted in the poll seem inspired. Sixty-two percent of the 12,075 who voted want to keep Stoudemire around for next season. He averaged close to 17 points on 57 percent shooting in the starting lineup in the final six weeks of the season, so Jackson may feel the same way as the readers who voted in the poll. Stoudemire may be a solid fit in Jackson’s triangle offense.

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