Fisher says Knicks talk is in his future

Derek Fisher says he wants to take a "day or two" to sort through what could be the end of a long and distinguished playing career before he turns his attention to whatever comes next.

Fisher appears to be the leading candidate for the New York Knicks' coaching vacancy and also may draw interest from the Los Angeles Lakers.

After his Oklahoma City Thunder suffered a season-ending loss to the San Antonio Spurs on Saturday, Fisher told reporters that it was too soon to talk about his future.

“I can’t go there tonight,’’ Fisher said. “It’s too fresh of a wound. It’s possible this truly symbolizes the end of a very long career. I don’t think [with] the emotions I’m feeling now it’s smart to bet on what I’m going to do next. I’m definitely going to take it seriously and consider my options, consider what’s best and go from there. There’s a right way to wrap this season up and show it the proper respect.’’

Fisher said he hasn't talked to the Knicks or Lakers about their coaching vacancies but expects to do so.

"There’ll be conversations and talks at some point. This is still pretty raw and pretty fresh [with] what happened. So for the next day or two I want to make sure I respect whatever my future holds," the 17-year veteran said. "Then as soon as possible I’ll try to take the next steps."

Jackson on Friday mentioned Fisher by name when talking about coaching candidates he's interested in, calling the five-time NBA champ "a person that's on my list of guys that could be very good candidates for this job."

However, Jackson made it clear that he's unsure whether Fisher, who is expected to retire at the end of the season, will be willing to coach.

"He's got family in L.A. He's got little kids still in L.A. I have no idea if he wants to move his family and come here," Jackson said. "Those are things that he would have to express. There are so many unknowns."

Jackson said Friday that he's also considering college coaches and coaches with experience. But he seemed to hint that he'd prefer a coach without experience whom he can mold. He'd also like a coach with whom he has a previous relationship. Fisher, who won all five of his titles under Jackson with the Lakers, fits both criteria.

Fisher told reporters on Saturday that he hopes to make a decision "as soon as possible." Jackson hopes to have the coaching search completed by June.

“There are a number of people who will be impacted by the decision I do make,’’ said Fisher, who has said in the past that he plans to retire after this season. “Whether I continue to play or do something else within the game, there’s a lot at stake.’’

“I want to respect whatever my future holds and the guys in this locker room and organization that gave me the opportunity the last two seasons," he added. "My career could’ve been over two seasons ago and they took a bet on me.’’

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