Fox: 'I've been a candidate for a while'

Is Rick Fox an option to coach the Knicks? "Yeah, I've been a candidate for a while," he told NBC Sports Radio. Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty Images

Phil Jackson is expected to put on a full-court press for Derek Fisher this week to become the Knicks' next coach.

But if the Knicks strike out with the Thunder guard the way they did with Steve Kerr, Phil will have to go to Plan C. Who will he turn to next?

Rick Fox told NBC Sports Radio that he has been in the running.

“I’ve been speaking with him for about four months about that very situation," said Fox, who is an analyst for NBA TV. "I love supporting him and his vision for what’s going to go down in New York. We’ve had those discussions, so he knows I’m open to working with him and doing something as exciting as resurrecting the chances of the Knicks returning to glory."

"Yeah, I’ve been a candidate for a while," Fox added when asked if he is a candidate for the Knicks vacancy. "And what I’m comfortable communicating is that there’s really nothing for me to do. Phil has expressed his interest, and the patience for him discovering who is right for that job is left in his court."

Jackson has made it clear that he wants to find the Knicks' next coach from his circle of candidates with strong knowledge of the triangle offense, which would seem to eliminate Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson. So if Fisher spurns the Knicks, Jackson could potentially turn his attention toward the likes of Kurt Rambis, Fox, Luke Walton or a Bill Cartwright, for example.

"I know that Phil is as competent a coach as there ever was," Fox continued. "So that if you’re a Knicks fan, to know that he’s going to find the right person to work with in that capacity has to be comforting to those people, and you just let it play out.”

So, if Phil strikes out with Fisher, who would you like to see him go after next from his Triangle tree? Let us know.