Obama pitches proposed tax hike to Melo

60 wealthy donors met President Barack Obama last night in New York to hear his plans for a tax boost. According to a Democratic official, one of them was Carmelo Anthony, who attended the $35,800-per-ticket event at the home of Ralph Schlosstein and Jane Hartley. Schlosstein is the CEO of Evercore Partners, and Hartley is the CEO and co-founder of the economic and political advisory firm Observatory Group.

Obama told Anthony and the other contributors that he is in "a battle for the hearts and minds of America" and needs their continued support to help "ordinary folks" with their endured economic hardship. Obama plans to stay in NY through September 21 to attend additional fundraisers and a meeting of the United Nations General Assembly.

Melo has been an outspoken advocate for Obama, posting testimonials on YouTube after he was elected and inaugurated. Melo even once laced them up with the President last year in Washington, D.C. for a benefit basketball game to honor wounded troops and participants in the White House’s mentoring program.

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