Wall to play in Carmelo's game

John Wall says he plans to play in Carmelo Anthony’s exhibition game in New York, if and when it’s scheduled.

“Yeah, I’ve got to,” Wall said last week. “Carmelo’s like a big brother or a big homey to me. I listen, take a lot of advice from him. So I wouldn’t mind playing in his game.”

Anthony has said he wants to host an exhibition game in the area featuring LeBron James, Chris Paul and Kevin Durant, among others. So Wall would only add to the star power.

The game is expected to be scheduled for late November and may take place in the Izod Center in East Rutherford, N.J.

If Wall shows up, the game will be the latest in a series of exhibitions for the second-year guard.

He’s played in all-star exhibitions in Washington D.C., North Carolina and elsewhere over the past few months. So why not New York?

If he does come to the Big Apple, look for Wall to wear his new Reebok Zig Encore shoe.

Wall helped Reebok designers create the shoe, which was released earlier this month and features ZigTech technology.

“I’ve been wearing them all summer,” Wall said at a promotional appearance at a Manhattan Footlocker last week.

Wall would prefer to wear his new sneakers in NBA games, but that seems like a remote possibility these days due to the lockout.

"Everybody knows we want to play basketball. Our fans want to see us play. We want to play," Wall said at the promotional appearance. "We've just got to sit back and make sure we get the right deal that benefits us down the road."