Melo: CP3 deal is 'unfortunate situation'

Carmelo Anthony feels bad that Chris Paul's trade fell through, even though, indirectly, Anthony was the cause of its downfall.

A proposed three-team deal to send Paul to the Lakers was killed on Thursday by the NBA. Late Friday night, teams were working on a revised proposal.

David Stern says he killed the original deal for "basketball reasons."

But owners reportedly lobbied Stern to block the trade because they didn't want Paul sent to a big-market like Los Angeles. They felt that everything they'd fought for during the CBA -- particularly the ability of small-market teams to retain stars -- would be for naught if Paul ended up with the Lakers.

"It's sad. I feel bad for him," Anthony said. "From what I'm hearing, the trade was done; it was going through. He was excited about it. And for that to happen, I think the NBA picked the right saying, "The NBA, where amazing happens."

Funny thing is, Anthony, indirectly, is the reason the deal didn't go through. Owners didn't want to see Paul orchestrate a move to a larger market, much like Anthony did last season when he was dealt from Denver to New York.

"It's an unfortunate situation, man," Anthony said.

Anthony also addressed wide-spread speculation that Paul would end up in New York.

Interestingly, he acknowledged that the Knicks would have been a longshot to land Paul in a trade. (Something most had speculated since the rumors began swirling.)

"I really didn't see how that was going to happen ... unless I got traded or Amare [Stoudemire] got traded. I really didn't see that happening," Anthony said.

The Knicks reportedly considered sending Stoudemire to New Orleans for Paul. The deal never came close to fruition.

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