Check's in the mail, but something's missing

Players received their first checks of the NBA season this week and like most young adults working their first full-time gigs, rookie Iman Shumpert was shocked when it looked like the government had snatched half of his earnings.

“Just got my first check…finally understand TAXES…smdh…time for work,” the rookie tweeted Tuesday morning.

Players have to be glad to finally get paid but it made us think: Players missed 16 games because of the lockout. How much did they lose?

Carmelo Anthony lost about $3.6 million. Amare Stoudemire is missing almost the same amount. Even Shumpert lost 19 grand before he even played his first professional game.

Here’s a breakdown of what Knicks players lost during the lockout:

Carmelo Anthony

Salary: $18,518,574

Per Game $223,836

Lost $3,613,380

Renaldo Balkman

Salary: $1,675,000

Per Game: 20,427

Lost: $326,829

Mike Bibby (veteran's minimum)

Salary: $854,389

Per Game: 10, 419

Lost: $166,710

Tyson Chandler (reportedly earning 14.5 million per season)

Salary: $14,500,000

Per Game: 176,829

Lost: $2,829,268

Baron Davis (veteran's minimum)

Salary: $854,389

Per Game: $10. 419

Lost: $166, 710

Toney Douglas

Salary: $1,145,640

Per Game: $13,971

Lost: $223,539

Landry Fields

Salary: $762,195

Per Game: $9,295

Lost: $148,720

Josh Harrellson

Salary: $473, 604

Per Game: $5,776

Lost: $92,410

Jared Jeffries

Salary: $854,389

Per Game: $10. 419

Lost: $166, 710

Jerome Jordan

Salary: $762,195

Per Game: $9,295

Lost: $148,720

Jeremy Lin

Salary: $762,195

Per Game: $9,295

Lost: $148,720

Steve Novak

Salary: $854,389

Per Game: $10. 419

Lost: $166, 710

Iman Shumpert

Salary: $1,563,120

Per Game: $19,062

Lost: $304,999

Amare Stoudemire

Salary: $18,217,705

Per Game: $222,167

Lost: $3,554,674

Bill Walker

Salary: $885,120

Per Game: $10,794

Lost: $172,706

*Numbers are based on players 2011-2012 salaries according to ESPN.com.

**Figures for per game salaries and money lost are approximate.

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