Melo to Dwight: Whatever you decide, people are going to dislike you

NEW YORK -- There is sure to be a crowd of reporters around Dwight Howard and he is guaranteed a trade-related question whenever there is a recorder or a microphone around.

It's been reported that he prefers the Nets, Lakers or Dallas Mavericks. Call it a generational shift, but today's superstars are they trying their best to control destiny while the sports world watches on edge. The Knicks' Carmelo Anthony went through the same thing before he left Denver to star in the World's Most Famous Arena.

After Orlando hit 17 3-pointers to beat the Knicks 102-93 on Monday, Howard talked about some of the advice that Anthony passed along.

"Actually it was great to hear from him," Howard said. "He said, 'Do what's best for you. Whatever you decide, people are going to dislike you, but you know you have to live for you.' And it's good advice."

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