Chandler on NFC pick: Don't ask

Not much intimidates Tyson Chandler on the basketball court.

He goes up against Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol and other top NBA centers on a nightly basis.

But if you want to see Chandler squirm, just ask him who he likes in Sunday's NFC Championship Game.

"Oh, you’re not doing that to me," he said with a wide grin when a reporter asked him for his pick. "I’m in the wrong place to give my prediction."

Chandler, who grew up in Los Angeles, is rooting hard for the San Francisco 49ers. He just doesn't want anyone in New York to know.

"Why would I discuss it with you here?" Chandler said with a laugh. ".... Then I’ll have all of these Giants fans, crazy Giants fans, crazy New Yorkers chasing me down the street. I don’t need that. I wear boots, too. I’m not that fast in my boots.

"So, no comment."

He added, "I'm riding with New York. Maybe not tomorrow [meaning Sunday], but every other time."

MELO LIKES GIANTS, RAVENS: Carmelo Anthony, who was born in Brooklyn but raised in Baltimore, is rooting hard for both the Ravens and Giants on Sunday. Truth be told, his allegiances are with the Ravens first. But he still supports both New York football teams.

"Giants-Ravens in the Super Bowl, man," he said.

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