Lin hopes to meet with Obama

Jeremy Lin appreciates the support of President Barack Obama. He hopes to be able to thank him for it one day in person.

Obama, speaking with ESPN's Bill Simmons, said he's been keeping on eye on Lin since the Knicks guard was in Harvard.

The president said Arne Duncan, the Secretary of Education and a former Harvard player, gave him a heads up on Lin "way back when."

"I can't take credit for it, but I was there early," Obama told Simmons.

Obama graduated from Harvard Law School.

"That’s part of the Harvard network and being a part of the Harvard family," Lin said when asked about Obama's support on Friday. "It means a lot. They support me as I support them. I got a chance to meet with Arne Duncan and work out with him last year. That was a pleasure. Maybe sometime, somewhere down the road I can meet the president as well."