Carmelo Anthony: I didn't take issue with Jim Boeheim revealing my grades in book

SYRACUSE -- Carmelo Anthony has no problem with Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim writing about his freshman year grades.

"I talked to him. He explained it, how he was saying it. I didn't have an issue with it," Anthony said after the Knicks' win over the Sixers at the Carrier Dome. "That was 13 years ago. So it's not really something losing sleep over at this moment."

With Anthony back on campus for the Knicks preseason game, Boeheim explained his decision to reveal Anthony's grades in his new book, "Bleeding Orange."

"The point I was trying to make was he had four C's, and he got a D and of course he should have gotten a C in that one. That’s what everybody thought, the academic people all thought. And they were all -- English, math, science -- they were all the same courses everybody takes. And I wanted to make the point that he was a good student, he was engaged, he did work at his school work, he didn’t just play basketball," Boeheim said Tuesday on Sirius XM's morning radio show with Frank Isola and Stacey King. "And I thought that was the point I wanted to make. ... Some guys said a 1.8 wasn’t that good, I had a 1.8 my freshman year and I made it through.”

Fisher says Melo's learning curve has been "great" in triangle: Derek Fisher likes what he sees from Anthony in the triangle thus far but noted before Tuesday's game that the ball has stopped a bit in the first three preseason games.

"He’s gotten more comfortable each game. I think it helps his teammates to understand where they should be around him, how we provide spacing when he does have the ball. But it can’t stick in his hands," Fisher said. "We have to continue to play as a team."

Fisher was asked if anything about Anthony had surprised him thus far.

"Probably how smart and observant he is about the details of the game. I think oftentimes from the distance you assume prolific scorers just see the game for themselves and they don’t see all of these small things that are happening on the court. But he’s an observant basketball player, really smart, he understands what’s going on on the floor," Fisher said. "That’s pretty special to have. He’s not just relying on his talent and his skill. He sees the basketball game in a complete way."

Andrea out again: Fisher decided to hold Andrea Bargnani out of the lineup for the third straight game due to a hamstring injury. Fisher said Bargnani should be back in the lineup in the Knicks' next preseason game Monday.

Fisher said he hopes to evaluate the lineups and rotations after Tuesday's game to have a clearer idea of what he hopes to do in the regular season.

The Knicks have five open days before their next game.

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