Woodson: 'Wonderful season' for Knicks

Iman Shumpert called the Knicks' season a failure earlier this week.

Head coach Mike Woodson disagrees.

He offered a very different definition of the Knicks' season on Tuesday.

"Based on where we started and how we assembled our team, this was to me a wonderful season," Woodson said. "It was a major step in the right direction, to win our division, to secure the second seed, when people didn't think we could do none of those things.

"Some of our goals were met, so all wasn't bad. I think we made a major step. I think we were able to win some of our fan base back and to me that’s what was more important."

The Knicks deserve credit for winning the division for the first time since 1994 and winning a playoff series for the first time since 2000. But they lost a second-round series to Indiana despite having home-court advantage.

Woodson was criticized during and after the series for his decision to go with a big starting lineup for Game 4, a move that backfired. He was also second-guessed for failing to play Chris Copeland for much of the postseason, among other things.

"I really haven't heard the criticism because I don't read it that much. I'm my own biggest critic," Woodson said.

He then defended his team's performance.

"This was a great season for our team. I don't care how you slice it and dice it," he said. "When we put this team together, this is the first time we assembled the team. I thought we made a major step. Is there room for improvement? Absolutely, across the board there is. This was a positive season for our ballclub; regardless of what anybody says, it was a positive season."

QUESTION: What do you think? Do you view this as a "wonderful" season based on the Knicks' regular-season accomplishments and first-round playoff win? Or has the loss to the Pacers left a bitter taste in your mouth? How would you define the season?

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