Melo ranked No. 15 by #ESPNRank

Carmelo Anthony is coming off one of the best statistical seasons of his career.

He led the NBA in scoring at 28.7 points per game and hit a career-high 44.9 percent of his 3-pointers. Anthony also posted a career-high 24.8 Player Efficiency Rating, a measure of a player's per-minute production.

Yet, ESPN.com's #ESPNRank has Anthony rated as the 15th best player in the NBA.

#NBARank is a ranking of all 500 NBA players compiled by a panel of 215 ESPN journalists.

Last year, Anthony, who is known as a supreme offensive talent but subpar defender, ranked 17th. This year, he is one spot behind Blake Griffin and one ahead of Tim Duncan.

QUESTION: Do you agree with this ranking? Are there 14 players in the NBA better than Carmelo Anthony?