Hardaway's dad: Heat will win title again

When the Knicks drafted Tim Hardaway Jr. in June, it put the rookie's dad in a tough position.

Tim Hardaway Sr. was a long-time Knicks nemesis during his days with the Miami Heat. He still lives in Miami and works as a scout for the team.

So his allegiance in the bitter rivalry between New York and Miami would be split between loyalty to his son and his employer.

This dichotomy produced an awkward moment late last month when Hardaway predicted that the Heat would win the NBA title if they signed former No. 1 pick Greg Oden.

"If we get Greg Oden, I think we will win a third [straight] title," Hardaway said in an interview with FOX Sports Florida.

Now that Oden has signed with the Heat, Hardaway's prediction takes on added weight.

In essence, he is predicting that the Knicks have no chance to win an NBA title this year.

Wonder what his son thinks about that?

QUESTION: Do you have a problem with Hardaway Sr. predicting that the Heat, his employer, will win the title?