FanSpeak: Beat the Heat?

It’s getting warmer and the question of the day is: How can you beat the Heat? The New York Knicks are going back to Miami looking for a way to do just that.

From Hot Button: Should Jeremy Lin play in Game 5?:

"No. Lin should not play in Game 5 for these reasons:

1. He has not completed the targeted rehab that is needed to level of conditions required for the intense physical playoff games. 2. Coach's ability to effectively insert him to the current offense format/stratefy is questionable. 3. Lin doesn't even have a contract for next season and any further injury that may risk ending his hard fought NBA career should be avoided."

- GPT607

Ed.'s note -- 4. It's extremely unlikely the Knicks can win this series.

From Baron Davis out for about a year:

"Knicks fans will never be able to say you didn't give it your all! Speedy recovery, will always be rooting for you."

- algocrazy

"Please all KNICKS fans read this, and I mean DIE-HARD Knicks fans. Do you want the injuries of Iman Shumpert and Baron Davis to go down in vain? If the Knicks don't win the series, yes, I mean if they don't win the series, they won't ever win a championship (assuming the Heat begin a dynasty with only the Thunder and Spurs as their opposition). The Knicks will be back next year wasting very FORMIDABLE players that can contribute. So unless they win this series, and get something out of it, they will waste the energy of Baron (who was playing well until he got hurt), and Shumpert with his defense as always."

- nbalegend87

Ed.'s note -- It's safe to say Knicks fans are pretty united in WANTING them to win the series.

From Video: A look ahead to Game 5:

"A comeback will b so sweet given the circumstance and how the knicks was given no chance to beat the heat by analysts!!"

- ReLL881220

Ed.'s note -- A comeback would be epic. But does anybody see it happening?

From Jeremy Lin long shot for Game 5:


- cggw

Ed.'s note -- That's a stretch.

"Anytime you have a game left, you have a shot.......Underdogs are great for sports."

- chiwadog

Ed.'s note -- True, just make sure you keep a firm grip on reality as well.

"Does it really matter? The Heat have this series in the bucket!"

- peterdipersio84

"The award for best comedy of the year goes to......... the knicks. Pretending to be an NBA team. Pathetic at its best. How pathetic that they were celebrating after winning one game in the playoffs. Total joke. Hey knicks fans did you guys have a parade after the game?"

- wolfdc85

Ed.'s note -- It was more of an expression of relief than it was a celebration. What do you guys say: how do you evaluate this season? Use the comments section below to let us know. Hey, at least you know we're paying attention.