Double Play: What to do about Harvey?

Each week, ESPN.com senior baseball editor Matt Meyers and ESPNNY blogger Mark Simon discuss topics related to the upcoming week for the Mets.

The Mets are in a funk right now. How long will this last?

MEYERS: They’ve got six of their next nine against the Nationals, and then they head out for a West Coast trip. All signs point to this being a rough few weeks for this club, and I think they could pretty much fall out of contention by the trade deadline. As a fan, I hope they win five of six from the Nats, but I’m not seeing it when you consider how little production they are getting from catcher and center field, and the fact that R.A. Dickey and Johan Santana have come back to earth.

SIMON: I feel like the team is on its ninth life right about now. We’ve seen this time and time again out of the All-Star Break. If they go better than 3-6 over the next nine, I’ll be surprised. This team needs a significant momentum shift, and they made need someone other than David Wright to provide it.

Mets fans should want Matt Harvey to make the start Saturday against the Dodgers, right?

MEYERS: Yes, despite what I said above. Harvey is far from a finished product, but I think that he’s learned all he can learn at Triple-A, and he needs to face major league hitters in order to learn some hard lessons about the importance of a changeup. Furthermore, there is no doubt he’s a better option than Miguel Batista right now, and the Mets need to improve their team to make the playoffs. This is one spot where they can.

SIMON: I’ve come to concede that this probably will happen, but I’m not as convinced it should happen. Doug Glanville has made a point on Baseball Tonight a few times and I’m agreeing with it more often- What’s wrong with asking a guy to pitch an entire season at one level?

Adam Rubin noted it best the other day in a tweet- Mets fans are more in love with the idea of Matt Harvey than Matt Harvey himself.

3. Make a prediction for the upcoming week.

MEYERS: I predict Harvey will make his debut on Saturday and throw 6 innings while allowing 2 runs. The Dodgers only have one good left-handed hitter (Andre Ethier), and they won’t be able to capitalize on Harvey’s change.

SIMON:I’ve been negative in my first two answers, so let me come at you with something positive: Josh Edgin will string together three good appearances and get Bryce Harper out a couple of times in key spots. I like what I’ve seen from him, but I wouldn’t advise letting him pitch to Ryan Zimmerman this week.