Ron Davis: My son can be John Olerud

Ron Davis thinks there is one first baseman that Ike could emulate.

"John Olerud," said Ron, the former Yankee reliever, who flew in on Tuesday to watch his son's second game. "He is a tall, lanky guy, who is smooth around the bases. To me, everyone expects Ike to hit home runs. Everyone in baseball expects everyone to hit home runs. He can hit the ball a long ways, but he will be a doubles hitter. If you look at Olerud, he always probably had three times as many doubles as he did home runs."

In his 17-year-career, Olerud had 500 doubles and 255 homers.

Ron said he had about 50 people over for a party on Monday night in Arizona to watch Ike's major league debut. Ike's success made it easy. It is when he doesn't do as well it can be hard on his dad.

"If he does well, that is the easy part," Ron said. "If he doesn't do good, you are like, 'Oh man,' you are going to feel his pain twice as much."

On Sunday night, Ron almost bought a plane ticket so he could be at Citi. He and his wife, Ike's step-mom, Kendall, searched flights, but they did not want to purchase a ticket until they knew Ike would be called up. Ron felt disappointed he wasn't at Citi for his son's first game, but logistically, he couldn't make it.

Last night, he and Kendall arrived at Citi. The former Yankee had a Met hat on and a huge smile.

His son was happy about another fact, Ron said Ike told him he was glad he had unlimited text messaging.