4-Hit Jose dances around the bases

The crowd chanted, "Jose, Jose, Jose ... Jose, Jose" It sounded like it used to when Jose Reyes hit a triple. He was clapping his hands on third. Two runs were in. There was electricity in the building.

A day after his day off -- Reyes called it a "half-day" because he pinch-hit and stayed in the game -- Reyes looked rejuvenated. He snapped an 0-for-18 slump with four hits, including a two-run, second inning triple. It was his first triple of the year.

"He is pretty much on his way," Jerry Manuel said.

Reyes said the "half day" helped him put his mind together. His game looked back, too.

IKE DON'T LIKE IT: Ike Davis went 0-for-3 with a run scored. How would he rate Game 2 of the Ike Era?

"I think It was a little mental drain from [Monday,]" Davis said. "I had some good at-bats, but I swung at bad pitches. I got in good counts. I either took a pitch on the corner or swung at a bad one. It could have been a good day, but it ended up being bad because I was a little anxious at the plate."

BOO WHO? In the seventh inning, David Wright hit into a doubleplay and then heard the loudest boos of the season and maybe of his career.

Jason Bay also continues to struggle, hitting .235 with no homers.

"I think they'll eventually take-off," Manuel said.

TATIS MAKES CASE:Fernando Tatis went deep in the ninth to extend the Mets lead to 4-0. The two-run shot was needed for Tatis, who needs to produce to remain on the 25-man roster. Being an Omar Minaya favorite only goes so far.

LONG WAIT: The Mets haven't taken this long to win two in a row since 2001.