The Crimson letters

Paul DePodesta gave a humorous quote about how he was viewed during his time at Harvard playing football and baseball, versus his image as a major league executive.

"I'm probably one of the few people out there who was really, really concerned during my college years about being labeled a dumb jock, and then was labeled a geek once I got into my professional career," DePodesta said.

Well, a look back at The Harvard Crimson archives reveals DePodesta will fit in well with the Mets -- he had an injury-plagued athletic career in the Ivy League. You can read a full profile of DePodesta from the Crimson written in May 2000 here. (No feeding chicken to a chicken mentioned.)

Author Martin S. Bell wrote:

Another surprise is his high status in baseball having never played for a varsity team in college. He pitched on the JV squad for a season before disaster struck at the end of his freshman year.

"I blew out my shoulder," DePodesta remembers. "I never had surgery on it, but I was pretty much done. I was able to play recreationally, and it didn't stop me from playing football." DePodesta did letter in football while at Harvard for three years before stress fractures in his legs shut down his football career as well.

For what it's worth, DePodesta is now one of three Harvard products in the Mets front office. Sandy Alderson went to Dartmouth, but also graduated from Harvard Law. And Adam Fisher, who was the baseball operations manager under Omar Minaya and presumably remains on board, has an ungraduate degree from the school.