TC on No. 10

Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Terry Collins is introduced as manager. No. 10 is a tribute to Jim Leyland.

Terry Collins said he intends to wear No. 10 as a tribute to Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland.

"He gave me my shot to get to the big leagues," Collins said, referring to their days with the Pirates. "And he's a great friend. So I wanted to wear it for him.

"Plus, my wife thinks I'm a 10. ... That's a joke."

Other No. 10's in Mets history:

Rod Kanehl (1962-1964)

Kevin Collins (1965)

Greg Goossen (1966-1968)

Mike Jorgensen (1968)

Duffy Dyer (1969-1974)

Rusty Staub (1975, 1981-1985)

Ken Henderson (1978)

Kelvin Chapman (1979)

Dave Magadan (1990-1991)

Jeff Torborg (1992-1993)

Butch Huskey (1993)

David Segui (1994)

Tom McGraw (1995-1996)

Gary Thurman (1997)

Kevin Morgan (1997)

Roberto Petagine (1997)

Rey Ordonez (1998-2002)

Rey Sanchez (2003)

Joe Depastino (2003)

Jeff Duncan (2004)

Brian Buchanan (2004)

Joe Hietpas (2004)

Shinjo Takatsu (2005)

Endy Chavez (2006-2008)

Gary Sheffield (2009)