Bay aims for bounceback season

Jason Bay

Left Field
New York Mets


In an extensive interview with ESPN's Jerry Crasnick, Jason Bay discusses Citi Field, his goals for 2011, his plan to take his daughter to Disney World and attending an NFL game with friend Grady Sizemore.

Bay tells Crasnick about Citi Field's dimensions: "Everybody can't wait for me or every other hitter to take their shot at Citi Field. It's a big ballpark. That's pretty obvious. But I'm not good enough to start changing my game for external factors. I'm not the type of guy who's going to say, 'We're in Boston, so I'm going to try to hook the ball,' or, 'Now we're in another place, so I'm going to work on going the other way.' People say, 'How many times can you butt your head against the wall and hit balls 400 feet and watch them get caught?' My answer is, 'How else do you adjust?' You keep doing what you do and hope good things will happen."

Said J.P. Ricciardi: "We're not sitting there saying, 'He has to rebound.' What we're saying is, between Bay, [Carlos] Beltran and [Jose] Reyes, this team has lost a lot of at-bats from guys who are going to put up numbers if they're healthy. In Jason's case, we're just anxious to have him back healthy. We know what he's capable of doing. He's got a pedigree."

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