Powell: Fred in top-10 worst NY owners

ESPNNewYork.com contributor Shaun Powell ranks his 10 worst owners in New York sports history, and Fred Wilpon checks in at No. 5.

Here's what Powell has to say about the Mets' owner:

The Mets reached the 2000 World Series under Wilpon, helped largely by Mike Piazza ... who came to the Mets only after co-owner Nelson Doubleday nearly twisted Wilpon's arm off. Two years later, Doubleday sold his share to Wilpon and the Mets have largely been a comical soap opera since, swooning in September despite buckling from one of baseball's largest payrolls. Jim Duquette, Omar Minaya, Art Howe (here, have an extra year on that contract, Art) and Willie Randolph were Wilpon hires who flamed out. Wilpon faded from the front line and handed more responsibility to son Jeff. Yet the best the Mets could do was come one strike away from reaching the World Series, shocked by a Cardinals team comprised of Albert Pujols and a dozen American Legion players. Wilpon has always meant well: He puts the Mets first, built a new ballpark and is sensitive to the fans. But why do they wish he went out with Shea Stadium?

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