Forget Viola, Tank makes sweet music too

Taylor Tankersley

Relief Pitcher
New York Mets


Not sure if he'll find the same level of talent in the Mets clubhouse, but newly signed reliever Taylor Tankersley did have quite the musical ensemble with the Florida Marlins.

"Not a real band," said Tankersley, who heaped most of the praise on fellow left-hander Sean West.

Said Tankersley about West: "He’s a very gifted musician. I have a condo. Out back I have a room that’s soundproof. It’s got all the equipment you need in there to play a rock show. I play the drums and have written a few songs. And Sean can play the drums, guitar, base, piano. He can play anything. So he moved around. There was another guy named Chris Mobley, who played guitar a lot. And so we jammed a lot. We played a few times out at like open mic nights. But I’ve never gotten paid to play."