Stoner happy with progress

Tobi Stoner

Starting Pitcher
New York Mets


Terry Collins mentioned two pitchers who will be behind in camp. One, obviously, if Johan Santana. The other: right-hander Tobi Stoner.

Stoner -- who has made five relief appearances for the Mets over the past two seasons -- underwent August surgery to remove bone spurs/chips from his right elbow, but that should now be a non-issue. The more recent factor was a shoulder impingement. But during a meeting with trainers Wednesday, Stoner said he had good range of motion and was optimistic about participating with teammates.

"I'm very happy with what I just found out," Stoner said after returning from the chat with medical staff.

Stoner, 26, also joined the Mets' new musical ensemble, headlined by Taylor Tankersley. Apparently, Stoner plays the spoons. Seriously.