Alderson on Beltran status

Here's what GM Sandy Alderson had to say about Carlos Beltran's status:

“He's got some tendinitis in his left knee, which was the non-surgery knee. It may have come from overcompensating for the problem with the right knee. He's going to get some anti-inflammatories, and his activity will be limited over the next four or five days, but they want to allow the anti-inflammatories to work and kind of nail this problem before it becomes more problematic.”

Asked how big a concern this development was, Alderson said: “It's important to get him back on the field and get him comfortable in right field as well as at the plate, and he is anxious to do that. But at the same time, we have to deal with the reality of his condition and make sure this is over immediately. In some ways, it's not surprising it happened this early with the baseball activity for the first time, but in other ways it's lucky it happened this early because we can address it now and we still have plenty of time before the season.”

Asked if this was going to be the reality of the 2011 season, Alderson replied: “I think that would be speculation. I think right now we have to recognize that his knees need to be managed to maximize his performance and availability. This is obviously some indication of that need, and we'll deal with it.

"The other thing he said to me was that under normal circumstances, he could play, and there's no reason to do that. I don't worry about these things. I worry about what I can control, and situations like these are out of my control. We have to deal with the consequences and do the best we can to mediate the impact.”