Ollie out

Oliver Perez

Starting Pitcher
New York Mets


Oliver Perez was informed he was being released by the New York Mets on Monday morning, with the club eating his $12 million owed. The Mets also had eaten $6 million owed to Luis Castillo three days earlier.

"When they told me, I almost knew what they were going to tell me," Perez said. "It's one of those times you don't feel great, but I don't want to quit. I think I've got more in my career."

Perez indicated he believed he got a fair shot from the Mets' new regime.

"I think they gave me an opportunity," he said. "They were fair with me when I came here. 'We're going to give you an opportunity to be a starter.' I didn't do anything great. They moved me to the bullpen trying to be a lefty specialist. And the last game, that was a real horrible job."

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