Scouts on Beltran, Reyes

ESPN's Jayson Stark speaks with scouts about Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes. Writes Stark:

There's nothing the Mets would love more this spring than to have Carlos Beltran play well enough to make himself tradeable in July. So scouts are already bearing down on him just in case. But when we asked one of those scouts if he could see himself recommending that his team trade for Beltran, his answer said it all:

"Noooooo. I'm rooting for him, because I feel bad for him, seeing a guy who was once a great player limping around with a brace on his knee. … But would I recommend him? No -- because I don't want to get fired."

Another NL scout on whether he'd recommend his team trade for Jose Reyes: "I'd take him as a rental. I wouldn't want to commit to him long-term. But I'd trade for him for two months."

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