Emaus, Zimmer among most mediocre

Brad Emaus

Second Base
New York Mets


A check of Baseball-Reference.com shows that 91 other Mets players currently have matched or had a worse batting average than Brad Emaus did (.162), using Emaus' at-bat total (37) as the minimum qualifying standard.

The king of this club is former pitcher Randy Tate, a 1975 Met, who went 0-for-41 with 22 strikeouts. His triple-zero edges out Aaron Heilman (1-for-51, .023 BA).

The worst batting average for a Mets position player, using the Emaus at-bat standard is .077 by original Met Don Zimmer, who was 4-for-55 in 1962. Emaus and Zimmer share the common bond of stint length-- 14 games each.

Among those whose primary position was second base, Emaus is the new Mets king. The previous "record-holder" was Ricky Gutierrez, who hit .175 in 63 at-bats in 2004.