Santana still on flat ground

Johan Santana

Starting Pitcher
New York Mets


Johan Santana indicated Monday that he is now throwing on flat ground at more than 100 feet as he recovers from surgery to repair a torn anterior capsule in his left shoulder.

Santana indicated on the eve of the Mets breaking camp that the distance would need to be 180 feet before he was allowed to step on a mound to even lightly toss.

"What I know as of right now is they want me to go all the way to 180 feet and then get on the mound," Santana said on March 30. "But getting on the mound doesn’t mean that you’re going to be throwing all of your stuff or facing hitters or anything. It’s just to get the feeling for it. And then you go back and long-toss. And then later you get into that, I would say, spring-training mode where you are building everything up and you start pitching.”