Bunts lead to pair of runs

The Mets had their bunting game working Tuesday. Jason Pridie bunted for a hit in the ninth inning when his ball died on the third-base line and ultimately scored an insurance run.

Earlier, in the second inning, it appeared Chris Young bunted Ike Davis home for the Mets’ second run on a safety squeeze. As it turned out, Young and Davis confessed after the 6-4 win, the pitcher merely was trying to bunt Pridie from first to second base and get two runners in scoring position.

Instead, Davis saw catcher Wilson Ramos pursue the bunted ball. Davis broke for the plate and scored as the throw went to first base to retire Young.

“He hit it down the line,” Davis said about Young. “I had to wait a little bit to see if the catcher was going to go or not. As soon as I saw the catcher kind of go, I took off.

“If the pitcher had a chance to get it, I was not going. If [Young] got it down the line, I knew the pitcher was not going to go get that. And then I was kind of worried about the catcher not leaving. If the catcher didn’t leave, I couldn’t go. He went a little bit after the ball and that’s when I decided to go.”

Said Young: “Ike made a great read on the bunt. He saw the bunt down to where the catcher had to come out and maybe make an attempt at fielding it. Ike made the read. I just got the bunt down for a sac bunt. It was a great baserunning play by him.”